Reasons To Holiday In The UK

Some great reasons on why a holiday in the UK this year can be more enjoyable.

Spend less time travelling and more time holidaying

The one thing about holidays is that they never seem to last long enough! So why waste at least two days of it travelling? This is a question many people ask themselves every year so this summer why not decide to holiday at home here in the UK.

10 Reasons to Holiday in the UK - Less Travel Time


Open your eyes to what’s on your doorstep

Ever wondered why people from all over the globe spend thousands of pounds each year to visit the UK? It’s true, we really don’t appreciate what’s right on our doorsteps; in the UK we have beautiful landscape and iconic tourist landmarks.

Food and Local Cuisine

Another great reason to holiday in the UK this summer is, of course, the food. Whether it’s a classic Sunday roast, fish and chips by the seaside or a hearty shepherd’s pie we have a fantastic and diverse selection of dishes. When it comes to desserts we don’t do things by halves either.

10 Reasons to Holiday in the UK - Great British Food


Great British History

The UK has numerous locations with an abundance of historical importance- from Stonehenge and Clifford’s Tower to Windsor and Caernarfon Castle. Why travel half way around the world to see sites of historical importance when it’s right here on our doorstep.

No Expensive Phone Bills

We all know that travelling abroad can be more expensive than first anticipated. Although package holidays seem cheap there are plenty of unforeseen costs that can inflate the cost of the trip. Mobile phone bills are one of the most common bank breakers after a trip of overseas.

Unpredictability of the weather

Lets be honest, us Britons love the weather, we are completely obsessed and although many people see the unpredictability as a deterrent to a summer holiday in the UK, it can be the perfect ingredient to a fantastic trip away. A change in the weather can lead to a change in plans which will expose you to new fun experiences.

10 Reasons to Holiday in the UK - The Weather

You can visit more than one location at a time

The United Kingdom has a land area of approximately 243,000 square miles which means whether it’s by car, train or bus – Britain is easy to get around. The benefit of this is that you can enjoy a day at the beach, a shopping trip in the city and a family escape to the countryside all in one holiday. The UK has a range of amazing and varied landscapes all within a short distance of tourist hotspots and places of interest.


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